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With us, you can develop high-quality video series, take advantage of Medudy's streaming platform and expand your reach and target group loyalty.

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Developing compact video series:
Your topics - Our expertise

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Reach up to 300,000 doctors

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90% of all doctors prefer short videos
With Medudy, partners can tailor their topics to physicians’ evolving content preferences: through concise on-demand video series in the best quality.

Own video channel on Medudy

Your topics as on-demand streaming experience
Use our platform and give your topics the optimal stage: With your own channel, you retain all the advantages and gain high visibility.

  • Leverage Medudy’s infrastructure
  • Improve the educational experience for doctors
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Expand Your Reach with Our Medical Community

Medudy reaches up to 300,000 physicians
Benefit from Medudy’s network, community and newsletter expertise.

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Premium Content

Our concise video series align with the learning preferences of today's medical professionals.

Effectively Reach Doctors

With Medudy, your content can be displayed to specific target groups.

Multiple Languages

Thanks to innovative AI avatars, we can offer our content in up to 60 languages.

Share knowledge efficiently

Overcome today's information overload with Medudy and convince physicians with high-quality video series, an innovative streaming experience, and effective audience targeting.

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We always customize our services to the individual needs of our clients – whether it's about content, platform, or distribution. In a personal consultation, we find concrete solutions for your specifiic goals.